How should Amazon increase awareness of “Amazon Student” program?

Traditional campaigns of distributing leaflets and brochures as well as posting flyers and posters around the campus in addition to sending mass emails might attract some students but these traditional campaigns don’t engage students at a level that helps them see the value of becoming an Amazon customer for life.

To create a powerful and effective “Amazon Student” awareness campaign the mission message has to reach a place where students can see the value and act on it. With this goal in mind, I would start a unique social networking campaign to spread the message of “Amazon Student” on my campus. The uniqueness of the campaign does not come from the fact that it’s via a social network, but from the quality of the conversations about how “Amazon Student” makes student-life more enjoyable. College students have a real need today and the awareness campaign will show how Amazon is fulfilling this need through meaningful conversations in social group settings. A social group could contain students who live in the same dormitory, belong to the same student clubs, or take courses together.

To kick it off, I would seed in some conversation starters on Facebook so people start discussing their experiences about “Amazon Student”. At University of Washington, Seattle, students live on an average $200 a month apart from rent and fees. My first conversation starter on Facebook will be about how Alissa, an art major saved money by shopping for textbooks and supplies on Amazon; the social groups can then carry on this conversation and have some fun while at it by showing off pictures of their purchases and a “I didn’t get ripped off buying on Amazon” sticker along with it. The subsequent conversation starters will be about the convenience of Amazon-prime free shipping, the large selection of supplies, the great reviews from past students etc. Other important groups of people I will bring into these conversations organically are parents and teachers. There are plenty of such enriching stories that can be valuable information for everyone in the student ecosystem. In this manner, Amazon can position itself an expert in providing the tools for successful life for students on campuses everywhere.


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