I started cross fit 3 weeks ago and its AWESOME. More than the exercise, I like the attitude we are taught to develop in these classes. Attitude towards exercising, posture, food and living.

One of the effective alternatives to diets we were taught and I think its brilliant –

No Carbs/Sugar after 3pm

Reasoning behind: Fat burning is impeded the minute sugar hits your tongue! (Seriously, so don’t even try to lick them donuts as a temptation)

Sugar (major enemy to humankind and something present in every damn food I’ve checked at the grocery store) creates insulin (from pancreas) that stops metabolism aka fat burning! Fat burning requires long periods of time with low blood sugar, so not eating carb aka sugar in disguise after 3pm gives your body the time needed to burn all that junk in your trunk. Eat your 75% of your daily calories before 3pm. Let the body burn it all for the rest of the day then!

I always thought fruits were exempt from this 3pm rule – but they are NOT! Dont eat fruits after 3pm. They have fructose! Just protein and vegetables after 3pm.

And no, there is NO day off in the week. That just confuses your body. Body is s simple machine. Metabolism correction is a big deal. You cant send a signal on 5 days and some other signal on 2 other days of the week. Your metabolism doesn’t have a brain – it cant think about your social/emotional needs. Its simple, so keep it simple.

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