Smart tables

So, my friend Elaine, Olivia and I go to eat lunch at Happy Chef restaurant in Bellevue, WA. Elaine is allergic to nuts. She waits until the waiter gets to our table to ask what’s nut free while Olivia and I happily read through the menu and figure out what we want. Two opportunities lost… Continue reading Smart tables



How should Amazon increase awareness of “Amazon Student” program?

Traditional campaigns of distributing leaflets and brochures as well as posting flyers and posters around the campus in addition to sending mass emails might attract some students but these traditional campaigns don’t engage students at a level that helps them see the value of becoming an Amazon customer for life. To create a powerful and… Continue reading How should Amazon increase awareness of “Amazon Student” program?


Strategy of Toyota

Henry Ford invented the conventional mass production system and all auto companies followed it like the verses in a bible. There were many problems with the way the cars were built in 1920s. It involved large capital investment for the car company; they manufactured almost all the parts that went into the car in mega factories using a large army of workers that were… Continue reading Strategy of Toyota